Favourite footwear? Well, this is an easy one, and one that will perhaps start boring you soon if or when I keep on posting pictures of my Dr Martens boots! For those new to my blog… ermyesthe loving relationship between boots and humans is a very real one!

The boots match my character completely, different, alternative and a mind of my own. The Doc Martens official website says that “a continuous succession of cultural renegades” have adopted the boots as a sign of “independence, uniqueness, and individuality.”

Docs in autumn

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27 thoughts on “Boots!

  1. Aha! A fellow DM aficionado, eh?! Good for you! Brilliant, aren’t they? I wore my first pair when I was in my early thirties; now, at nearly fifty-six, I have fifteen pairs – and am on the look out for a sixteenth! My favourite pair? Probably the shocking pink jobs! Alienora


    1. Most definitely an aficionado! I’d sleep with them if I could! Not sure if I would go for pink but definitely the tall wine red ones are on my list :D


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