Ireland: raining goodwill amidst floods of sorrow

Sending wishes and kind thoughts to people in the west and south of Ireland. Families, friends, ex-colleagues, and strangers are currently battling gale force winds, high tides and heavy rainfall and lost material goods, businesses, pets and a sense of security.

In towns where walls once stood, water has taken over and it seems as if the bad weather will continue for at least another two weeks. At the moment, Cork, Waterford, Wexford and Limerick are badly affected, but meteorologists believe the east coast will also be on the path of large gale force winds and storms later this week.

Ireland, still a very large close-knit family no matter where you’re from, showed its best side once again on Monday. In need, people in Ireland get up and immediately start collecting food, clothes and shelter for those most affected. This is Ireland at its best, and we should all be very proud of the way people still cling together in times of need.

Below is a video, filmed on February 4th, 2014 in Cork, on the south coast of Ireland. Further down there are images of towns and farmlands as well as links to more information about  the heavy storms that have been battering Ireland since Christmas. Global warming a very clear indicator so of climate change.

February Floods, Ireland, 2014 (video by Kev Collins, 2014)

(Images courtesy of Irish Times, 2014 and RTÉ, 2014)

Irish Times image cork 2Irish Times image cork3 000876b5-642 000876c2-642 00087739-642For more, please check the following newspapers for accurate, up-to-date information:

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    1. Actually I feel better in wintertime, I love cold temperatures because it means that the heat doesn’t whack me out. Can’t do anything above 20 degrees Celsius. Just been having very low energy levels that sleeping cannot fix.


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