That thing people call 'summer'

“It’s just another one of those very paradoxical facts of life: as a person with MS, you lack vitamin D. The only way to get good vitamin D into your body is to spend time in the sun. If heat sensitivity is part of your long list of MS symptoms, though, you can’t sit outdoors in the sun because your other MS symptoms get worse. Result? You choose to stay out of the sun, and therefore continue to lack vitamin D.”… Read More That thing people call 'summer'

My brother's silence

Sticking this post to my home page. My brother would have turned 43 today, still sadly missed, still loving him.

“Grief, a tear in my mind when others talk about their brother. A hug I cannot feel anymore. A future we will not share anymore. There is silence I cannot place, memories that are beginning to fade. The silence he leaves behind, follows me in places in Ireland I know he would have loved, he would want to return to time after time.”… Read More My brother's silence

I am a writer!

When can you call yourself a writer? With that debate still unsolved, I continue to wonder if I can call myself so. After all, I am now a former Incident Coordinator, a former library assistant and therefore a former ‘employed being’ altogether. And that sounds rather bad for one’s ego when pondered upon too long.… Read More I am a writer!


After a holiday which wasn’t really a holiday – flying home because a family member passed away is hardly reason to have that excited holiday feeling – and trying to sleep while having half an eye fixed on the Ireland Blog Awards 2013 website every so many hours for the last week or so, I… Read More Shortlisted!

My precious boots!

WordPress Daily Prompt: These Boots Were Made for Walking Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you. Photographers, artists, poets: show us WALK. Already blogged about my favourite boots on April 1st 2013, so for those who wants to read it, here’s the link: I’m one day late replying to… Read More My precious boots!


Symbolism is all around us, and you only need to lift your eyelashes once to be immediately inspired. Iconic. My left foot is indeed something of an iconic thing that is hell-bent on creating trouble. Past ruptures of Achilles tendons, flipping ankles, falling over my own feet… they have seen and done it all. However,… Read More Iconic