Irish Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie: “For this challenge, snap a selfie with your cameraphone or camera.” Photo taken in 2004, on Inish Mór, one of the Aran Islands, Ireland. A selfie, one of the few I take really.

Irish skies

For me, flying is being released from life, on earth and in my mind. Wonder about how people are able to create machines to take you abroad in no time, takes over. Freedom is life. I would rather be free and ill than being stuck in a bad relationship and healthy. Flying and seeing Ireland… Read More Irish skies


Ever since Dublin became my home town, the Irish Famine sculptures by artist Rowan Gillespie on Custom House Quay haunt me. The statues are ‘walking’ on towards emigration ships like the Jeannie Johnston. and they describe so well the hunger Irish people went through during the Great Famine, called Gorta Mór in Irish (Great Hunger), between 1845… Read More Famine

Back to Ireland

So many things represent us, shows our character, our inner feelings, our life. I chose this picture because the world through my eyes is always moving. Forward most of all, sometimes backwards. My world however also consists of simple, pure stillness. But even when the world is spinning quietly, stillness is waiting to explode into… Read More Back to Ireland


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