Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be? When some of my blogging friends urgently emailed me this question as part of a Daily Post, I didn’t need to think of answers myself. Friends, as great friends do, always have your best interest at heart. Sarcastic interests,… Read More Branded


In a recent visit to Dublin Zoo, I sat next to a snow leopard who seemed to be contemplating life. It was still early morning, and nobody was around. I sat down right next to the snow leopard for about five minutes, although it could have been longer. We were taking in each other’s presence… Read More Caged

The right to die

Suicide law in Ireland has been a hot topic recently. Marie Fleming, a multiple sclerosis patient in the later stages of the illness, is seeking the right to commit suicide with the help of her long-term partner Tom Curran. She does not want her partner receiving criminal charges for assisting her in her dying wish,… Read More The right to die

Back to Ireland

So many things represent us, shows our character, our inner feelings, our life. I chose this picture because the world through my eyes is always moving. Forward most of all, sometimes backwards. My world however also consists of simple, pure stillness. But even when the world is spinning quietly, stillness is waiting to explode into… Read More Back to Ireland

Faith in Ireland

Good things sometimes fall apart so better things can fall together. This is the case for people aiming to improve their lives, careers and relationships after hardship happens. Sometimes they get there from the word ‘go’ while others may require more time to reach their destination. Having faith is often necessary to be successful and… Read More Faith in Ireland